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DL Hudson is a London based company, which is at the forefront of the group’s global trading and enterprise operations. It a part of Rektron Group Inc., a dynamic Canadian firm. The portfolio includes DL Hudson, DL Hudson Germany, DL Hudson Dunes, and DLH Istros. As a wholly owned entity under the Rektron umbrella, these companies epitomize our commitment to delivering exceptional services and products worldwide. With a focus on ingenuity, reliability, and customer satisfaction, Rektron Group Inc. and its subsidiaries continue to shape industries and drive progress across the globe.

With operations spanning over 30 trading locations and presence in 11 countries, the company transacts across all complaint markets.

The company is organized into two business divisions including metals and energy. The company is particularly strong in Asia and Europe.

The trading expertise includes principal energy and metals products, particularly ferrous and non-ferrous metals, ETCs, recycled metals, crude, and EURO VI compliant refined oil products.