About Us

We are a global commodities trading house headquartered in London, United Kingdom. Our trading expertise encompasses the principal energy and metals products including ferrous and nonferrous metals, crude and refined oil products, and transacting across all compliant markets​. The Group has active commodity-related operations across Europe and a Trading presence in Asia.


Our core strength lies in the adroitness and experience of our team, the extensive geographical and product diversification, trading and logistical expertise, supported by robust financial and risk management. The team at DL HUDSON is a syncretic group of energy and metals traders, former Wall Street bankers alongside a highly experienced commodities IT team.

Our strategy is to create sustainable growth over the bottom-line, adding value to our clients whilst maintaining entrenched relations with our suppliers and ultimately to positively impact the final benefactor of the products we trade.


Our team of highly experienced professionals collaborates closely with market analysts, producers, end users, lawyers and accountants providing us with an extensive knowledge of the physical commodities sector. Unequivocally, this gives us a significant edge in the industry.

The expertise, insight and passion is manifested by years of successful endeavours combined with our focus on: ​


Commodity Markets – prices, forecasts and trends


Operational risk management


Transparent Communications between buyers and sellers


Legal, financial and tax management